We are working with tertiary institutions in Singapore and robotics specialists in providing intermediate and advanced level robotics courses and workshops. Topics include but not limited to circuit board design, C and assembly programming, working with robotics program boards including Arduino, Parallax, 32-bit controllers, servo controllers and humanoid programming.

The sky is the limit.


Students can use robotics to apply and demonstrate their subject knowledge such as advanced physics and mathematics concepts through robotics projects. Examples are projects to design, build and program intelligent machines that can balance themselves, navigate through complex maze and perform complex objects detection and movements.

For the keen and capable, projects may include design, build and program robots that take on real world complex challenges. E.g. Lifts, car park management system, security alarm.


Students at this level would have grasped the basic mathematical and science foundation and ready to apply and test their understanding of concepts. An element of fun will still be a large part of the programmers. Projects will be team-based and include sumo-robot battles (both dumb & intelligent robots), intelligent racers, line tracer, seeker bots and many more.

Science stream students may use the robots to demonstrate concepts learned in Physics and Additional Mathematics class like momentum, energy, differentiation and integration.


At this age, children start to better understand and appreciate the inner workings of things. What causes the needle of the compass to point to the North? Why and how water turns into ice and steam?

At lower levels (7-9), our courses focus more on developing their creativity and motor skills through design and building projects.

At upper levels (10-12), there will be more emphasis on the working with abstract and ideas. The challenge and excitement of programming the robotics to do what they want will excite and challenge them while allowing greater freedom in expressing their creativity.


At this age, children love to get into the flow of things and in tune with people. Their improved mobility, self-awareness, and understanding of the world enable them to use both their bodies and objects to control actions and things. The children now understand that inner feelings can be different from appearances, or surface manifestations: i.e. what you see isn’t always what you get. 5-6 year olds take initiative and become very mindfully engaged in what they do. Increasingly, the children engage in more serious play as a way to learn about reality while practicing their newfound knowledge of letters
and numbers.

  • At this age children begin to “see” the logic and patterns behind the surface of things. They are obsessed with quantities, measurements, and magnitudes. They will often ask questions like: “What happens after you count to 999?” or “what is the biggest number?”
  • 5-6 year olds engage in ‘measuring’ and ‘quantifying’ the world, yet mostly they do so without the use of numbers. Instead they use their footsteps, fingers and other self-made techniques like stacking units of blocks to determine the size of a missing block when they play.

Our courses will give put their newfound skills to good use by giving them play and challenge to test and solidify their knowledge and understanding of the world. What are structures? How structures are put together? What makes the structure strong? What is cause and effect? All these are demonstrated.


Our courses offered at Community centers provide caters to people of all ages.


Ages      5-8
Level 1: Fun with design I
Level 2: Fun with robots I            

Ages      9-13
Level 1: Robotics: Build, Play & Learn (P)
Level 2: Robotics: Program & Play (P)     
Level 3: Robotics: Advanced Skills (P)     
Level 4: Robotics: Destined to Win (P)   
Level 5: Robotics: Master It! (P)

Ages      12-16
Level 1: Robotics: Build, Play & Learn (S)
Level 2: Robotics: Program & Play (S)     
Level 3: Robotics: Advanced Skills (S)     
Level 4: Robotics: Destined to Win (S)    
Level 5: Robotics: Master It! (S)

Ages      16+ & Adults
Level 1 and 2: Robotics: Getting started (Tertiary)
Level 3: Robotics: Advanced Skills (Tertiary)        
Level 4: Robotics: Destined to Win (Tertiary)      
Level 5: Robotics: Master It! (Tertiary)

Please write to us for details of the above courses


We are partnering with several private schools/kindergartens to run programs on a regular basis. Please contact us if you are interested in partnership to serving the growing interest in robotics education in Singapore and the region.


Robot competitions are where the action and prize is! As the stakes are high (CCA points, awards and scholarships worth Millions of dollars), there is serious competition and participating teams are prepared to go all out to win.

You need the professional guidance of an expert mentor to guide you in all aspects of the completion. It is not just robot building and programming – it is the strategy, the design choices and options, team member assignment and role, research, presentation and public speaking, theme and your team’s USP (unique selling point). The value of an experience and skilled coach cannot be ignored as even world-class champions in professional sports require mentoring and coaching from professional coaches.


You may want us to conduct a customized workshop for your teachers, bond the engineering team at your corporate team-building event, an informal and discreet employee technical aptitude and skills assessment or any other needs. The course can incorporate any combination of elements from the standard list and topics not part of our regular programs.  This may be advanced project management, team selection, electronics interface, presentation skills or OS programming.

Tell us your unique requirement. We will be glad to advice and propose.

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